Foot Care with John VonHof

My guest today is John VonHof. He literally wrote the book on foot care for the athlete, Fixing Your Feet. You can learn more from him on his website.

If you don't already have it, get his book here: Fixing Your Feet

Today we dig into all the essential components of good foot care, from shoe fitting to blister care. We wrap up by defining the essential features of a good minimalist foot care kit for your next run or adventure.

John mentioned many products during the interview. We (he and I) do not advocate or advertise for any specific product. These are simply the products that he mentioned. If you choose to buy anything using these links, I set up an affiliate relationship such that you pay the same price but Science Of Ultra gets a small percentage. So, thanks for supporting Science Of Ultra!



Tincture of benzoin


Strength tape

Alcohol swabs

Zinc oxide packets

Antibiotic ointment packets

Spenco insoles

Dr. Scholl’s insoles

Superfeet insoles

Epsom salts

Sportslick (lube)

Seasorb (anti-fungal powder)

Gordon’s (foot powder spray)

Anti-monkey butt (powder)