At the core of focus is being present in a way that allows you to devote all of your mind to awareness of the relevant features of the present moment by liberating you from distracting thoughts and emotions so that you maximize performance. The key skill we most want to develop for being focused is mindfulness. We also want to increase our awareness of how we're speaking to ourselves with increasing clarity on how we want to speak to ourselves.

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Welcome To Training Your Mind

To become your ultra best, get clarity about who you are as an endurance athlete, your why and what. Then cultivate conviction and mindset around those principles. The goal is to align thoughts, words, decisions, and actions to create a high performance mindset. The key features of a high-performance mindset according to my guest Michael Gervais in episode 24 are focus, calm, confidence, and self-trust. Cultivating those and developing them requires grit and optimism.

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Running economy is one of the three key features in performance, along with endurance and stamina. You can develop your running economy through heavy resistance training, sprints, and volume. This is a crash course in how do it right.

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Then, What?

The answer to ‘What?” is the persistent psychological and emotional reward of the complete experience. What you feel about your accomplishment in the weeks, months, and years after the event is the true outcome; it shouldn’t be tied to a singular feature of the event such as finishing. Otherwise the planning, training, and the event itself will have been in pursuit of a single moment. 

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Let go of thresholds

Aerobic threshold, anaerobic threshold, lactate threshold… The running community is mired in threshold-thinking. This mode of thinking is flawed, misleading, and distracting. Ultimately, it holds back many runners and keeps them from training well.

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My Successful DNF

I ran in the Zion 100k trail ultra marathon last weekend. I chose to stop and not finish. Not only am I okay with that decision, I consider this to be one of my most successful results. And here’s why.

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