Recovery and the Immune System with Oliver Neubauer, PhD

Think the immune system just helps to keep us from getting sick or to recover from illness? Think again...

Here are links from Dr. Neubauer to a selection of the papers that we discussed.

  • Our EJAP paper on the acute systemic inflammatory response and muscle damage following an Ironman triathlon. As we investigated leukocyte counts, cortisol, testosterone, inflammation and muscle damage markers immediately, 1, 5 and 19 d after the race in a large cohort of athletes (n=42) we were able to also document the resolution of these responses. FULL PAPER HERE

  • Our MSSE paper on oxidative stress responses in the same cohort of athletes. Addressing previous health concerns related to ultra-endurance exercise, these data suggest that there are no indications of persistent oxidative stress in response to an Ironman triathlon. FULL PAPER HERE

  • A book chapter (co-authored by Christina Yfanti) on the (remaining) hot topic on antioxidants in sports nutrition, particularly addressing the question regarding requirements of vitamins C and E during exercise training FULL CHAPTER HERE

  • Our JAP paper on the so called transcriptome, i.e., global gene expression responses in blood neutrophils during recovery from 2 h of cycling and running in trained males. It shows the transcriptional regulation underlying the neutrophils responses to prolonged, intense exercise, and how they appear to counter-regulate their “own” initial pro-inflammatory response FULL PAPER HERE

  • Our JAP paper on the time-course dependent changes in the transcriptome of skeletal muscle during recovery from 2 h of cycling and running. Investigating these responses 3, 48 and 96 h after exercise, these data suggest pronounced interactions between the muscle and immune cells and that muscle recovery is still incomplete 96 h after the initiating bout of exercise ended. FULL PAPER HERE