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Trail Runner Biomechanics

Marlene Giandolini, PhD and Sebastien Pavailler, PhD are biomechanists who work for Salomon. Today, they bring us insights from their research and the applied intersection of biomechanics, trail running, and shoe design. We discuss everything from trail runner kinematics to shoe drop to foot swelling. So much valuable and new information in this one!

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Biomechanics and Energetics with Rodger Kram, PhD

My guest today was, Rodger Kram PhD, a leading scientist in the field of biomechanics with research foci in: (1) Partitioning of the rate of metabolic energy expenditure into its biomechanical constituents; AND (2) The influences of internal and external forces on the way humans and other animals walk and run. His group developed the force sensing treadmill and they have generated novel insight into many of the factors important to ultra runners, especially the biomechanics, energetics, and neural control of walking and running. He joined us from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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