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Episodes 1-4   Intro (1), Research at WSER (2), Coach's Corner: Jason Koop (3), Hydration Physiology: Basics (4)

Episode 5   Coach's Corner: Ian Sharman

Episode 6   Tapering    (Tapering Chart)

Episode 7   Hydration Physiology: Application

Episode 8   Coach's Corner: Jason Koop (part 2 of double interview)

Episode 9   Athlete Spotlight: Luke Nelson  

Episode 10  Lactate and Lactic Acid

Episode 11   Protein for Endurance Athletes 

Episode 12  Athlete Spotlight: Cody Lind 

Episode 13  Carbohydrates for Ultra Athletes with Askar Jeukendrup, PhD 

Episode 14 skipped

Episode 15  Athlete Spotlight: William Sichel

Episode 16 GI Distress with Patrick Wilson, PhD 

Episode 17 Athlete Spotlight: Jennifer Pharr Davis 

Episode 18  Fatigue with Michael Joyner, MD

Episode 19  Fat Adaptation with Louise Burke, PhD

Episode 20 Barefoot Running with Daniel Lieberman, PhD

Episode 21 Psychological Fatigue with Sam Marcora, PhD and Alistair McCormick, PhD

Episode 22 Athlete Spotlight: Max King

Episode 23 Foot Care with John VonHof

Episode 24 High Pressure Psychology with Michael Gervais, PhD

Episode 25 Running Economy with Drs. Kilding and Barnes

Episode 26 Athlete Spotlight: Terri Schneider

Episode 27 Heart Health with Drs. Creswell and Baggish

Episode 28 Athlete Spotlight: Mathew Laye

Episode 29 Altitude with Ben Levine, MD

Episode 30 Heat Acclimation with Chris Minson, PhD

Episode 31 High Intensity Interval Training with Martin Gibala, PhD

Episode 32 Coach's Corner with Ian Torrence

Episode 33 Coach's Corner: Coaching Roundtable

Episode 34 Athlete Spotlight: Magdalena Boulet

Episode 35 Adrenal Fatigue?

Episode 36 Event Recovery with Natalie Badowski Wu, MD

Episode 37 GI Distress at the Western States 100 with Kristin Stuempfle, PhD

Episode 38 What is training?

Episode 39 Athlete Spotlight: Stephanie Howe Violett, PhD (Bonus Recipe)

Episode 40 Biomechanics and Energetics with Rodger Kram, PhD

Episode 41 Biomechanics and Injury with Rich Willy, PhD, PT

Episode 42 Optimizing Protein Intake with Luc van Loon, PhD

Episode 43 Athlete Spotlight with Mike Wardian

Episode 44 Developing Your Hydration Strategy with Robert Kenefick, PhD

Episode 45 The Ultra Mindset with Travis Macy

Episode 46 Genetics with Claude Bouchard, PhD

Episode 47 Healthy running Doc Andrew Murray

Episode 48 Recovery and the Immune System with Oliver Neubauer, PhD

Episode 49 Recovery Science Jonathan Peake, Ph.D.

Episode 50 Performance Predictors with Beat Knechtle, MD

The Ultra Clan Digest stopped after 50 episodes so that I could devote that time to generating useful novel content and resources for you!