Neuromuscular Fatigue in Ultramarathons with Guillaume Millet, PhD

Guillaume Millet is the world's leading expert on neuromuscular fatigue in ultramarathons. We explore the many facets of fatigue and bring his years of field research to you in practical and applied terms that you can use to help become your ultra best.

Get his book How to Succeed at UTMB, which is applicable to any long mountain ultramarathon.
[Note: the source I've linked is in France. Dr. Millet confirmed that this where to order if you want the book]

Here are some of the papers he discussed during the episode:

  1. Sacrificing economy to Improve Running Performance—a reality in the ultramarathon?

  2. Can Neuromuscular Fatigue Explain Running Strategies and Performance in Ultramarathons: The Flush Model

  3. Neuromuscular Consequences of an Extreme Mountain Ultra-Marathon

  4. Central and Peripheral Contributions to Neuromuscular Fatigue Induced by a 24-h Treadmill Run

  5. Are Females More Resistant to Extreme Neuromuscular Fatigue?

  6. Central Fatigue Assessed by Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in Ultratrail Running

  7. Does Central Fatigue Explain Reduced Cycling after Complete Sleep Deprivation?